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Company Philosophy

Top priority for us is customer satisfaction.


Besides the mutual pursuit of prestigiously high product standards, the quest formarket-moving innovations and first-class customer service, NORDFOLIEN GmbH also nurtures an exemplary corporate culture.


The staff's attitude to one another, to their own enterprise, to the products and accordingly to the customers and suppliers is mirrored in our common values - NORDFOLIEN's shared values:



Satisfying customers´ needs through timely deliveries, impeccable products and services is paramount in terms of our quality objectives. For this reason we are continually planning and optimising our workflow, determining operational processes and acting accordingly.


We align our product developments to the requirements dictated by the market and always employ the latest, state-of-the-art production machinery. We encourage our employees' personal advancement through teamwork and provide them with the required authorisations to attain clearly defined goals.


We regard the dedicated fulfillment of customers' demands in the interests of business partners as a long-term basis for safeguarding our company and our jobs. We are conscious of the special responsibility we shoulder for the environment and our staff, which is why we adhere to the legal provisions and requirements by way of minimum standards.


We strive for dialogue with our customers and favour a flexible approach in responding to the continual fluctuations in their demands. Our Application Technology Service makes its comprehensive know-how available on site and gives the customer certainty in their packaging process.


We are aware of the opportunities of global trade relations and adapt our way of thinking and our actions to the different cultural backgrounds. We are to be found where the customer needs us.