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Quattro Sealed Bag

By sealing the edges, the four-sided sealed bag receives a very attractive design. This versatile packaging is made of high-performance automatic machine film and is suitable for a variety of applications.


The four-sided sealed pouch provides an optimum presentation of your product at the point of sale.




  • No interruption of print image by longitudinal seam, for example
  • Attractive box-shaped design
  • High quality appearence due to clear-cut edges
  • Outstanding filling characteristics
  • High puncture resistance
  • Good welding properties
  • Outstanding product protection



  • Up to 10 colours possilble
  • Printable on all sides
  • Brilliant print quality



  • Handle
  • Multi-layer barrier film
  • Laminated composite film e.g. PET/PE
  • NorDiFill ®/ NorDiFill ®-Plus