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NorDiStretch®-hood film for Transport and Product Protection

NorDiStretch®-Hood for bulky products and pallet goods has optimum adaptive capabilities and offers transport and stocking stability.


The use of only one tube format for all pallet sizes in most cases promises material and cost savings at a considerably higher efficiency. The film ensures protection of your products against water, dirt and theft while eliminating the risk of fire.




  • Good machinery operating characteristics on all cover machines
  • High holding force on the packed goods
  • Optimal weldability
  • High transparency
  • High puncture resistance
  • Good heat deflection temperature
  • Optimal suited sliding friction coefficient (internal + external)



  • Up to 6 colours possible in inline-process
  • Repeat and random printing



  • Quality levels: High Elastic, Heavy Duty, Heavy Duty Flexible or Peat
  • Anti-static film
  • UV-light-protection for film and/or packaged goods
  • Punch-outs for optimum air circulation