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Anti-Static Film

Anti-static films are compulsory in areas prone to explosions.

In addition to the traditional anti-static PE films, NORDFOLIEN also offers permanently anti-static films.

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Anti-slip Embossing

NORDFOLIEN provide a patented solution and can supply sacks and sack films with a low-cost, non-slip embossing on the surfaces of the sacks. This glide-inhibiting effect is achieved by embossing the...

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Solvent-free Gluing Technology

Solvent-free gluing is a single-component PUR-gluing process which is applied in bead-like-form utilising heated coating rollers. We offer solvent-free gluing in two different versions.

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NorProtect – protective varnish

NorProtect is a printed 3-layer coex film whose print image is protected from environmental impact by a special protective varnish. NorProtect, with its high level of colour brilliance and significantly...

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