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Multi-Layer Barrier Film


With our 7-layer coextrusion film we have the option of combining the positive properties of various film materials.


We therefore use PE in the exterior layers to secure good sealing characteristics and as a moisture barrier.


The PA and the EVOH in the film’s core are an example of an outstanding gas and fat barrier even when the material is greatly expanded.





  • High barrier function (gases, chemicals, water vapour, fats, light etc.)
  • Brilliant surface
  • Shelf-life extension
  • High puncture and tear resistance
  • High transparency



  • Up to 10 colours possible
  • All sides printable
  • Brilliant print quality
  • Lamination with reverse printing or printed cover film
  • Food industry-compliant printing inks



  • Form, Fill & Seal (FFS)
  • FFS-MaxiPouch
  • NorDiBlock-Bags
  • Flat and side-gusseted bags
  • Valve bags
  • Liner with and without gusset
  • Flat film