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Laminated Composite Film

Laminated composite films are designed for hydroscopic and odor-intensive products. Performance-aimed material combinations (e.g. PET, OPP, ALU) offer optimum product protection and excellent optical appearance.  




  • Solvent-free processing
  • Brilliant surface
  • High barrier function (gases, chemicals, water vapour, fats, light etc.)
  • Shelf-life extension
  • High puncture and tear resistance



  • Up to 10 colours possible
  • All sides printable
  • Brilliant print quality
  • Reverse printing process for maximum colour protection



  • Form, Fill & Seal (FFS)
  • FFS-MaxiPouch
  • NorDiBlock-Bags
  • Flat and side-gusseted bags
  • Valve bags
  • Liner with and without gusset
  • Flat film