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Inliner – strong protection for inner values



NORDFOLIEN inliners are made from a closed tube and thus have no welded seam on the side.


Inliners made in this fashion have a high level of water-tightness and high mechanical properties. They are well suited for versatile packaging (e.g. Big Bags, Octabins, drums, boxes, etc.).


Moreover, the production of NORDFOLIEN inliners takes place in an ISO Class 8 clean room, thus eliminating contamination of the production process.




  • Optimum product protection
  • No lateral welding seams
  • Higher tightness due to closed tube
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • No particle contamination at inner side of the liner



  • Individual printing for traceability available



  • Anti-static film
  • Aseptic film
  • With and without gusset
  • 7-layer Barrier film
  • Special versions available