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MaxiPouch and MaxiPouch-Liquid

Unique Packaging for FFS Filling Systems


MaxiPouch is an outstanding premium packaging for fully automatic FFS filling.


With a flat bottom, carrying handle and reclosure, the MaxiPouch is aimed at meeting the needs of the end buyers.


The premade rolled product can be used on existing filling systems without problems.




  • Easy opening and closing
  • Opening up of new target groups
  • User-friendly and intuitive handling
  • Clean and residue-free material removal
  • Ideal for shelf and pallet
  • Large and small packaging on one unit
  • Reduction of transport and storage costs
  • Tamper Evidence


  • Print

  • Up to 10 colours possilble
  • Printable on all sides
  • Brilliant print quality



  • Air-permeable
  • Multi-layer barrier film
  • Laminated composite film e.g. oPP/PE