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Bag in Bag - NordiPURE®

The double-layer FFS, side-gusseted or block bag is designed for high purity requirements involving the hygienic transport of goods (e.g. food and pharmaceutical industry).


Unlike the previous Bag-in-Bag principle, which consists of the filling of single bags where the inner bag has to be manually put inside the outer tube, NordiPURE® is optimized for fully automatic processing. The premade rolled bags can be processed without any problems on new or older filling machines.




  • Processing on traditional FFS or individual bag machines
  • Ideal contamination protection of the inner bag
  • Easy and residue-free removal of the protective cover (no additional aids required)
  • Reduction of transport and storage costs
  • Protective cover print prevents ink-contamination
    of product




  • Up to 10 colours possible
  • All sides printable
  • Brillant print quality



  • Anti-static film
  • Air permeable - Norpor®
  • Barrier film
  • Anti-microbial film surface
  • Anti-slip embossing



  • Food
  • Food additives
  • Pharmaceutical pre-products
  • Specialised chemicals
  • Hygienic requirements